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The power in your hands

Powerful Modular Theme for Octobercms that give you all the tools you will need for your next website.


Build with Octobercms, a powerful modern cms based on Laravel framework that lets you create any kind of project easily.

Clean code

Clean, modern and lightweight code that you can easily manipulate. Based on HTML 5, Twig and SCSS Octobercms Theme.

Powerful Settings

Countless settings to modify the theme according to your needs. You can change almost anything and create your next project.

Seo Optimization

Clear theme has all the meta data you will need. Rich meta data for your Pages, Blog Categories, Blog Post without extra plugin.

Fast Development

Native page builder system lets you create custom pages fast and easy, choosing blocs that fit your next project needs.

Responsive Design

Clear theme is using Bootstrap 4 Framework and so you have the best viewing experience on any mobile device and any screen.

Modular Theme - Unique Features

CRUD Generator - Unlimited possibilities

Hit the online road

Clear multipurpose modular theme with the power of Octobercms.

Fast Development

Rapid development theme with many tools for every demanding project.

Page Builder

Using native Octobercms power, you are able to create Pages using blocs.

Responsive Design

The best viewing experience on every screen, on every mobile device.

Twig Code

Twig special code parts to Carousel, Tabs and more for user interaction.

Easy editable pages Generator

With new CRUD Generator system you can create custom pages fast and easy.

Clear - Octobercms Theme

Fast loading theme with Bootstrap 4 & HTML 5 - Rapid Development Theme

Clear - Octobercms Theme

Clear - Modular Octobercms Theme

a modular CMS with powerful tools and settings. Transform your website to your needs and create a custom project.

Responsive. Optimized. SEO on-page.    Administrable CMS. Multilingual content.

    secure the online image of your business, portfolio, or blog    
    a modern and robust content management      system (CMS) platform  

.. it is scalable and extensible    through the plugin system, easy to maintain it through its    file-based system thus it takes advantage of Laravel, a modern PHP framework.


    a multilingual user interface  


.. improves the communication between the site and its    visitors, out of the box, without other hidden costs.


    a fast loading page  


tested with Google's PageSpeed Insight Tools, our site    achieved a good performance!    

Mobile first, quality UI focused on the business concept and its functionality 


    ✓ available on mobile phone, tablet, laptop, desktop or smart-TV
    ✓ optimized output to achieve better ranking in search engines
    ✓ adaptative images resized automatically on server side
    ✓ implement a clean and lightweight css, the layout works with or without javascript enabled on the browser
    ✓ your own custom layout can be integrated and delivered with our know-how to achieve a performant web site  

Performance  of the site is a standard goal of our work, out of the box.

           We encourage you to  prove our concept  making several free tests.                       


There are a few good           tools to measure performance of any public webpage.:



-  How to use them?          
- open the links presented above in your browser         and fill in (via copy and paste) the link that you want to evaluate it
         (e.g.:  )                  
- click on "ANALYZE" / "START TEST" button        
- wait a few seconds and you'll receive the evaluation's results.